Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Favorite Things Right Now

Rice Cooker
This is mine, except white.

Rice is one of my favorite staples to always have ready to go.  I can add anything to it in the rice cooker and it cooks it up to perfection every time!



I haven't had any soda in a few weeks now.  It wasn't a  conscious choice, really.  I just never bought anymore.  I figured I drank enough coffee anyways.  Now, I'm going to be staying away from coffee as well.  Water is my go to beverage of choice.  If I get too bored with it, I like to add one of those lemonade Crystal Light flavorings...except I use the Market Pantry brand from Target because it's cheaper and just as delicious.


Poor Kitty

I know, I'm weird.  I have always crocheted and loved how fast I could finish something.  After starting my knitting project, I have learned to be patient with making things.  It's still very hard to take weeks to finish a project, but it is worth it in the end.

Gym Membership

So Cute!

I had really started to slack on my running because of the weather and overall general laziness.  Now there is no excuse to miss a workout.  I really like the cardio cinema.  I can watch a movie and workout at the same time.  How awesome is that?  I can also get in my speed work on the treadmill and get to an occasional yoga class.

On another note...

Today, I tried out a new recipe.  I was browsing through my millions of Pinterest recipes that I've never used and came across a quick and easy one called Mexican Lentils and Rice.  I read the blog Runs for Cookies and she has a separate blog for her recipes that I like to check out all of the time.  There are a ton of great ones to try!

I just threw everything in a rice cooker and it came out perfectly delicious!

I ate it on a tortilla, but I actually prefer it plain.

The rest of my day was spent cleaning the house.  It was in dire need of it!

Where do you get your recipes from?