Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I have successfully tracked for a whole week!  It was hard, especially when I ate like garbage, but it was definitely eye opening.  It has helped me adjust my eating throughout the day to stay on track.

After making it through my first week, I was rewarded with a 3 lb weight loss!  I was really excited about that.  I feel like it always takes me forever to drop the pounds.  That was definitely the motivation I needed to keep going.

Unlike last week, I still have some Points Plus left after 3 days of the new week.  Last week I was out of my weekly points after 1 or 2 days - and way over.  I am finally getting the hang of this again.

My new favorite thing to eat is my version of a Q'doba burrito.

It's made of one giant tortilla, lettuce, rice, black beans, green peppers, mushrooms, salsa, and of course Taco Bell mild sauce.  When I wrapped it up I didn't think I would be able to finish it all, but I gobbled that bad boy down!  It was really good.  I only ate half of what I made, so I have enough to make another burrito wrap tomorrow for lunch.  

I love pretty much anything that involves a tortilla and/or rice.

What is your favorite food right now?

I Finally Gave In

Last week, I finally gave in and joined the gym.  I love running outside, but it has been getting too cold and icy for me to suck it up anymore!  And, I figured, I have to start tri training soon, so I'll need a pool and spin classes.

Running on the treadmill still sucks, but it's better than wearing 100 layers of clothes and getting frustrated at the weather.  I mean, I live in WI, it's going to get cold.

I am glad that I have the options for classes again.  I have been to a yoga class and felt so much better afterwards.  I also discovered the cardio cinema.  I went today with the plan to see what movie was playing and if it was something I liked I would just use the elliptical instead of running.  Well, they were playing Dark Shadows; the new one with Johnny Depp...a.k.a my future husband.  I would have watched the whole thing, but I had to get to the hospital to visit Melissa and her twins!

Both mommy and babies are doing well and will come home tomorrow!  Let the games begin!

Would you rather run inside or outside in cold weather?