Thursday, May 30, 2013

Summer is Here

I wanted to get a run in today before work.  My problem is that since I work sort of second shift hours, I am not an early riser.  So, by the time I get up, drink my coffee, have breakfast, watch I Love Lucy, and get dressed, it's close to 11.  Nothing about that was different today.  So, I didn't head out until almost noon.

Made my own iced coffee.  Yum!
The forecast for today was hot and humid.  It was around 80 when I headed out, but the humidity wasn't too bad until I was running through the woods on the loop that I did.  There, the humidity was so bad it was like running through a sauna.

My after my run.  Yuck.

I was really proud of myself after the run.  I didn't set any time goals.  I just wanted to keep running with no walking.  At one point, a half mile had passed before I even realized it.

My splits are pretty even.  I missed mile 2, because my watch doesn't beep anymore.  Time to start looking for new Garmins...but that's not for a while yet.

Otherwise, my fallback rules have been working pretty well.  I haven't written anything yet.  Drinking water has been working the best for me to curb my hunger.  I think it just really helps me focus on serving sizes.

I am also up to Day 4 of plank a day.  I started at about 20 seconds and now am up to just over a minute.  And let me just say, my whole body is definitely getting a workout.  I feel it in my arms, shoulders, abs, legs, etc.

Plank a day Day 4

Hope everyone is having a great week!