Thursday, March 7, 2013

Spinning is Winning

Happy Thursday!!

Today, I finally got my butt up and went to spin class!  It was really great.   I didn't wear my cycle shoes, because I wanted to check it out first (does that make any sense?).  I really enjoyed getting back into the groove of things.  The teacher was up beat and funny and the music was good.  I did, however, forget how my booty hurts from the seat afterwards.  That will go away in a couple of weeks.

I also went swimming.  I did a quick 800 yds.  I don't want to push too hard yet, since I'm just getting used to 2 a days again.  AND, I enjoy swimming so much more when I remember to wear my ear plugs.  I always get water in my left ear otherwise, since that's the side I breath on.  And it doesn't matter that I use the alcohol drops afterwards to get rid of the water in the ear, I always get a horrible headache for the rest of the day.  I feel great, now.  I also remembered to bring a brush.  I forgot it last time, and those that know me and my hair, know that was a disaster!  I somehow lost my shampoo, though.  I must have forgot it at the gym.  It's a kids shampoo to get rid of chlorine.  Suave makes it and it was under $2!  Quite the bargain!

I ate a banana between workouts, but I was famished afterwards!  I came home and heated up some rice I made the other day and a Boca Chk'n patty.

I got the recipe from the cookbook, Vegan Planet.

My brother got it for me for Christmas.  This is the risotto recipe, but instead I threw all of the ingredients into the rice cooker.  It tastes really good. 

Do you always forget to bring something to the gym?