Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Funday!

Despite working most of the day, it was still a great day.  I was pretty tired when I got home.  I knew I had to run, but actually fell asleep for about an hour in my running clothes.  I got up and turned my Garmin on when it beeped and said low battery.  Well, that was just great!  I will not run if I don't know how far I'm going!  So I charged it for about twenty minutes and hoped it would last.

 I was walking for about 5 minutes outside when it beeped low battery again.  I turned it off until I was ready to run.  I was already outside and it was getting late.  It was almost six and I knew I would be out for over an hour.  With fall here, it is getting dark at about 7 now.  I'm not a fan of running in the dark just because I feel a bit off balance.  I turned my watch on and started running.  It beeped the low battery warning at me, but I just figured I would go until it died and then I could just figure out how far I went by mapping out the rest.

The first mile was really tough.  I kept getting crazy stomach cramps and stopped about three times until they passed.  After that pain was gone I was feeling a bit better.  I listened to Jillian Michaels podcast.  Her and her cohost are so funny.  It really made the time fly by.  And every time I wanted to give up I would just think about Jillian and what she would say to me.

On the way back I couldn't believe how huge the moon was! I tried to take a picture of it (again) and it never does it justice.

After I got home and I logged my runs on my 3 websites and wrote it in my running journal ( a little over-kill, I know) I jumped in the shower.  I hadn't realized that I had sweat through the two shirts I was wearing!  I knew I was sweating a bit, but I most mostly a bit chilly and was thankful I had thought to wear the long sleeves over a short sleeve T-shirt.

The rest of the night I just hung out, caught up on blogs, and watched Boardwalk Empire.  Next week's episode looks good!
Off to bed!  Early day tomorrow!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

National Coffee Day!

I usually forget that it's actually the weekend when I have to work straight through until Tuesday.  All day I kept forgetting what day it was.
This morning was a pretty big struggle to get up.  I had cereal for breakfast and some green tea.  Yes.  Tea.  It is national coffee day and the irony is that I ran out of coffee yesterday and forgot to buy more.  I was dragging until I felt it was an acceptable time to down a soda...10ish.
My food choices were not the best today.  I only went over by a little, but that's because I didn't eat much, just badly.  On my break at work I had some diet Pepsi, king size Twizzlers, and Doritos.
Not my proudest moment, but lunch wasn't much better.  I had a pretzel with butter and salt on it and some cheese.  When I got home I had a better lunch.  I had a cheese and tomato sandwich, a salad with balsamic vinegar and EVOO, and a pear and banana.  
A little while later I really wanted an apple with peanut butter, so I told myself to go for a walk and then afterwards I could have one.  It was a beautiful afternoon, in the mid 60s with a light breeze.  I listened to Jillian Michael's podcast for the first time and really liked it.  I figured I would, but it wasn't what I was expecting, what ever that was.  I ended up doing just over 3 miles.  I am planning on doing a longer run tomorrow after work, just not sure how long yet.

I took a couple of pictures of the leaves changing.  I also tried to get a picture of how huge the moon was tonight, but this doesn't do it justice.

I got home in time to watch The Sitter.  It was an okay movie.  Funny enough to keep me watching.  I'll be heading to bed soon.  I have to be up bright and early on Sunday!

What are your weekend plans?

Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Shoes!

Today I woke up excited! I knew that I was going to go check some running shoes out.  I had tried some on the other day, but wanted to check them out online to see if I was getting a good deal or not.  After some research I decided I was.  I got up and had some toast with jelly, coffee, and banana and pear.  I ate it while watching, you guessed it, I Love Lucy!  After that, I got dressed and headed out.  It takes about half an hour to get down to the outlet mall where I was going.

I decided to try on a bunch of different ones again to make sure of which one I wanted.  Last time, I didn't really spend time trying on other shoes.  The ones I ended up with are just a bit too big and it causes a lot of problems.  My toes and arch are sore from my foot sliding around in the shoe while running.  I did not want to have to deal with that again so I made sure to take my time.

 I finally decided on some Nike Zoom Vomero's.  I remember looking at these years ago when I was still wearing the Nike Pagasus.  They just weren't around for me to try on at the time.  They have a wider fit and don't sit too high on my heel, which I seem to have a problem with a lot of shoes doing.  They are also not too cushioned.  For some reason that bothers my feet. Another great thing about these shoes?  They were an extra 30% off!  I got a $130 pair of shoes for $50!  It was a great day.  So to celebrate, I stopped at McDonald's and picked up some crack...I mean Coke.  Diet Coke.  There is something about their Diet Coke that I really love.  I have not had it in months!
It was almost noon when I got home.  I wanted to take my new kicks out for a test drive before work, so I quickly changed and took off.  It was a really beautiful day out, even though it looked a bit overcast and dark in some areas.  I just love these fall days and am glad I run outside so that I can enjoy them!  They sure don't last that long!  So, I ended up taking a 2 and a half mile run just to get the feel of the shoe and to make sure they weren't going to cause problems.  They felt good.  I don't remember the last time I had to actually break shoes in.  After that I had a rather large lunch.  I had 2 cheese sandwiches ( I would have been satisfied with 1), apple with peanut butter, a clementine, and some apple juice.  It came in just under 1000 calories when I logged it.  I was SO surprised.  That is a very large lunch.

 For dinner I had the very same thing I had yesterday.  I had the Smart One with 2 Boca patties and a Chobani.  When I got home there were Swiss Rolls on the kitchen counter.  I really, really wanted one.  I use to love eating those when I was younger.  I would put them in the freezer and eat them frozen.  Yum!  But, I can't make any excuses for them now. I don't need them, they really aren't that good, and if I have one I will automatically want more.  It's just how I am.  So, it's better to just ignore them until they are gone. 
Tomorrow is Friday!
Any plans for the weekend?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Rest Day

Today I finally stayed in my allotted calorie range.  I have been tracking diligently for the past week and had constantly gone a lot.  Not today!  I had about five calories to spare.
For breakfast I had an apple with 2 Tbsps. peanut butter and some green tea.
For lunch I had the rest of the vegetables and rice I made yesterday with some salsa.
I had dinner at work.  I didn't bring anything, but bought a Smart One.  It's called mini rigatoni with vodka sauce or something close to that.  I get it every time I have to buy my lunch.  I also bought some Boca Chk'n Patties.  I brought some of my tomato and cucumber salad I had made, but really didn't eat any.  I was hungry when I was buying the food and also bought a king size Hershey bar with almonds and a bag of salt and vinegar chips.

Thankfully a coworker came into the break room and I gave her half of my Hershey bar, otherwise I would have most definitely eaten the whole thing.  I liked the chips I got.  They aren't too salty and have the tanginess from the vinegar.  They are also baked, so not too bad for you.  

After work I was hungry again.  I didn't want to go to any fast food joint, so I stopped at the grocery store.  I got some apples, pears, cereal, bread, and apple juice.  I felt fine after I ate an apple.  I was very glad with my choice of that instead of the usual Taco Bell!

I got my race pictures back from the Brewer Mini Marathon on Saturday. I always find them funny.  When I'm running I always feel like I'm really pushing hard and I feel athletic, but then I see my pictures and wonder if that is what I really look like.  Here are a couple.

I'm going to spend the rest of the night watching Bridesmaids.  I just love this movie!

Early Bird

Yesterday morning my alarm went off at 4am.  I quickly shut it off, knowing another alarm was set for 4:30am.  I instantly fell back asleep and when the 4:30 alarm went off, I laid there for a minute debating whether I should go back to sleep or get up.  I actually got up.

I set my alarm so early, because I really had been wanting to check out the new YMCA.  And after my run the night before, I was feeling so great that I wanted to run the next day too and figured why not go to the new gym?

I got up, made coffee and toast and watched some I Love Lucy.  I got dressed and left before 6am!

When I got to the gym there weren't too many people working out.  A couple of people on the treadmill, a couple on the elliptical,  a couple lifting weights.  I had already decided that I was going to run. So I got on one and got started.  I wished they had some treadmills without the TVs on them.  I was listening to my music while running and having that black screen inches from my face was a little annoying.  If it wasn't there I could have watched the swimmers down in the pool or looked outside.

I managed to get to 3 miles before having to give up.  I hate treadmills and I was surprised I made it that far.  I decided to walk around the track a few times that they have circling the outer perimeter of the workout area.  Then I stretched before heading back out.
The sun coming up as I was leaving the gym.
I will probably go to the old Y again when the road construction is all finished.  It's much closer to me.  I'm glad I went to check it out though.  I still want to check out a class called Piloxing, but it's at 5:30am!  Maybe one of these days.

After I got home from the gym, I jumped in the shower right away.  Then I made some vegetables up with rice to use as a fajita mix for lunch that day.  Having to buy my lunch yesterday didn't work out well and I ate WAY too much, so today I made sure to prepare something.  
It has green, yellow, and orange peppers, zucchini, mushrooms, and green beans.  I added some chili powder, cumin, and garlic powder for seasoning.  Then put in some rice I had cooked up already.  I ate it on a tortilla with some salsa for lunch.  It was quite yummy.

After work, I was pooped.  I had to change and get ready to go shopping with my friend.  We went down to the Prime Outlets in Pleasant Prairie.  She had a couple of things she wanted to buy and I just love going to check it all out.  I finally found some running shoes I like and after doing some Internet research found that buying them at the Outlet will be cheaper.  

After the Outlet, we stopped at Taco Bell.  I tried the new Cantina Bowl.  It was pretty good, but I think it would be better on a tortilla.  I'm not sure if I would ever get it again.  

I think I will take today as a rest day.  I close at work the next two days, so I think I will just run tomorrow morning.  

Happy Hump Day!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Cheese Please

Today I was supposed to run.  I am not one of those early morning runners and since I worked all day I told myself I would just go after work.  This usually doesn't happen.  I get home from work, sit down, and decide I will go tomorrow instead.

It happened again today.  After working 9 hours, running for an hour really didn't sound exciting.  I ate a bunch of nacho cheese that Kev had heating up in a crock pot for a Packer Party mixed with my dad's homemade salsa and tortilla chips....and a cheese sandwich.  Then I went in my bedroom, drank the rest of my diet Pepsi while reading blogs.  The whole time I kept telling myself that I needed to go run.  So I text my friend who I knew had to do some runs this week, but wasn't sure when.  She said she was running, but only doing 2 miles.  I wanted to do more.  So, I finally got dressed and went.  I even wore my HR monitor.  I haven't worn that in over a year.

The day couldn't have been more perfect.  It was about 70 with a cool breeze.  I started running very slow.  My quads were still sore from my race on Saturday.  I told myself that I was going to try and run the whole time.  No matter what.  Right before I started going up my first hill I stopped to walk, because that is where I always walk.  And I said out loud, "Just do it!"  So I ran.  Up the hill.  And I didn't stop running the rest of the 3.5 miles.

I can't explain how great this made me feel.  Ever since my last half marathon in May, I have been having problems running.  I would have to take walk breaks, couldn't keep a steady pace, just plain hated going, etc. I didn't know what had happened.  After Saturday's race, I knew I had it in me and the doubt was all in my head, not my legs.  I knew if I could get through the first mile then maybe I could get through the rest.  And I did.
Check out the last mile!  11:42! I haven't seen that in a while! 

Check out how much cheese I really ate here My Spark Page

What made you smile today?

Sunday, September 23, 2012

I Love Pickles!

Today was a nice, leisurely day.  I got up early, went on the couch, and fell back asleep for a couple of hours.  I woke up after getting a text from a friend to go for a walk.  It was such a beautiful day to be outside!
We live right by each other so we met halfway between.  We hadn't seen each other in a while so it was nice to catch up.  We walked for about an hour and at the end she gave me a piece of homemade apple pie! It was so good!  It was nice since I had actually been craving apple pie.  Now I don't have to make one and eat the whole thing!
I also realized that I never posted my race time from yesterday!  It was 3:00:53.  Not a PR and not my slowest.  Right in the middle.  I felt pretty good yesterday, but today my quads are a bit sore.

After I got home from the walk, my niece texted me telling me she was going over to my parents house.  It was her 14th birthday yesterday and we were celebrating today.  We took my mom's dog for a walk and ended up seeing a giant caterpillar cruising across the cement path.  Okay, it's not that big, but I think this is the first caterpillar that I have ever seen first hand.  I was pretty excited about it.

My dad is always cooking something or other.  Today, he had just finished making a batch of salsa.  Or if you're my dad, pronounce it like the guy's name Sal + sa.  He is so funny.  He gave me a giant jar of it to take home.  I had actually just brought this jar back.  My mom had made pickles and given me some so I was returning the jar.  I can never leave without bringing something home from my parents house.  My dad also tried getting me to take some hot peppers from his garden and some Hungarian Goulash that he made for dinner.  I said no to both and made it out with just the salsa.

When I got home, I started on my cooking for the week.  I made pickles, a tomato and cucumber salad, and spinach balls.  I wanted to make some brussel sprouts and kale and some fajitas, but it got too late and I  had to watch RHONJ finale.

The spinach balls ended up being a bust.  It was a recipe I saw on Pinterest and thought it looked good.  I had a few problems with them.  Making them was the easy part. I pretty much had to throw everything in the food processor and blend together.  Then they get cooked in a frying pan.  They stuck to the pan and were not cooperating when I tried flipping them over.  I tasted a little piece and really did not care for it.  After giving it a minute to think about I stopped cooking them and threw them away.  I wouldn't eat them.  I'm glad I tried them though.

I ate pretty well today.  Fruit and coffee for breakfast, apple pie for lunch (unintentional, but I loved it), and spaghetti with some Smart Dogs and broccoli for supper. I am very uninteresting when it comes to my meals.  I pretty much eat the same thing or whatever is handy.  That's why I like days like today when I can make some food for the week.  Then I know that I can just grab it quick and go.

What's the last new recipe you tried?  How did it turn out?

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Brewer's Mini Marathon

Last night when I got home from the housewarming party I went to, I decided it was time to get my things together for the half.  It didn't take too long.  I could not find the socks I wanted to wear for a few minutes. Why do I have so many socks??
I laid out my outfit.  Since rain was in the forecast, I thought my 'No Such Thing As a Rain Day'  shirt was a good idea.  I wore a long sleeve shirt over it with some capris.  I brought extra socks, sandals, and pants for after the race.  I did not anticipate how cold and windy it was going to be.  I was so glad I brought that long sleeve shirt.
I was in bed by 9:30pm, but didn't fall asleep until closer to 11pm.  I woke up at 2am when Kev got home.  I figured I would not be falling asleep again any time soon, so I just got up and started my coffee.  I was surprised by my pre-race jitters.  I was a little worried about finishing.  I have never done just a half marathon.  There has always been a marathon going on simultaneously, so I would have about 6 hours to finish. My training runs have also been really tough, probably more mentally then physically.  I just couldn't get my head in it.  I also skipped the last couple of weeks of short runs, which is not like me.  I think this worry kept me from getting a good night sleep.
When I got up, I had an apple and peanut butter with my coffee.  After my first cup of coffee I made sure to drink  water.  Then I made oatmeal with pb, almond milk, and a banana for the ride there.  I also brought a second cup of coffee.  I had never had oatmeal like that.  It was good, but it needed sugar or salt or something.  It was a bit bland.  Probably because my almond milk was unsweetened.
My friend picks me up about 5:10.  We took off and noticed how foggy it was. Then she asked me if that was just lightening.  I hadn't seen it, but then there it was.  Again and again.  I figured we had two hours until start time, so we would be fine.  We got to the stadium and immediately use the restrooms before they got too busy.  On the way back to the car we hear the announcer say they were opening the stadium up for us to stand in because of the rain that was coming.  We were going to wait in the car, but my friend thought it would be a good idea to go inside so we would know if there were delays or not.  She is the brains of the operation.  They finally announced that there was a delay until 7:15am.  We went and sat in the stadium to wait for any updates.

It was really cool to be in the stadium so close to the field.  The last bit of the race we got to run around the bases and see ourselves on the jumbo-tron.  It was neat.

The race finally started at 7:25am.  The course took us through Milwaukee.  It was a nice, easy course with really fun hills to run down.  There were roads and highways shut down for us to run on.  We ran by the Harley Davidson Museum and the Domes and past Miller Brewery.  There were a lot of people outside cheering us on and tons of volunteers at the water stops.  I definitely plan on doing this next year.  I have to PR, after all.
After I got home I hopped into the shower.  I was SO cold.  I just stood under the scalding water.  After that, I settled down on the couch with my kitty on my lap and we took a three hour nap.   It was nice!
Here's a picture of the nice finisher medal!
I ate pretty well today too.  I went over my cals a bit, but I think that is to be expected after burning so many calories during the race.  You can check out what I ate here My Spark Page.

What is the favorite race you have ever completed and why?

Friday, September 21, 2012

Sept. 21, 2012

Today is the first day I've had off of work in 9 days.  Needless to say, I slept in a little, prying myself out of my comfy bed at about 8:30am.  Thankfully, Kev had already made coffee.  I poured myself a cup and thought about what I have to do today.  I decided to start with breakfast.
I had a banana, grapes and pears cut up into a fruit salad and two pieces of wheat toast with margarine and grape jelly. And of course coffee.
Then I laid around for a bit, watching I Love Lucy and catching up on blogs before jumping into the shower to start my day.
I had to go pick up my friend's and my race packet at Miller Park for the Brewer Mini Marathon tomorrow.  While I've lived in WI my whole life, I am horrible at directions.  I was surprised that I had no problems getting to the stadium, but it took me about 5-10 minutes to figure out how to get to the parking lot.  I got a nice tech shirt and we get tickets for 2 beers after the race...only in WI.
I was pretty hungry by the time I got home, so I had 2 Light Life Smart Dogs.  I put them on a flour tortilla I cut in half after realizing I had no bread.  I topped them off with some ketchup, brown mustard, and of course pickles.  I also had 2 servings of fries I cooked in the oven. I definitely would have been fine after one, but I always have to push it.
I have to get my race stuff together for tomorrow.  It starts at 7am, so my friend and I want to leave by 5:15am.  I am going to be SO tired.  I wish races started a bit later.  I have never been a morning person and like to do my runs either late morning/early afternoon when I can.  So by the time the race is over, I think I will finally be waking up!
I still have to wrap some presents I got a coworker for her housewarming party that I am going to go to tonight.  It doesn't start until 6pm, about when I should start getting ready for bed, but I want to go for at least a little bit.

Are you a morning, afternoon, or evening runner?

Have a great Friday!