Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Run Til You Puke

Not quite, but almost.  I had a speed workout on tap today.  I woke up at 7 am without my alarm on my day off.  I was like, "Great!  I am up and I can go to spin class and then do my speed workout..."  I sat on the couch sipping my cup of coffee and watched T.V.  All. Day.  Finally, I got up, got dressed, told Kevin I was blowing this popsicle stand, and left.

The gym was pretty empty.  When I go after work at the same time on a Monday, I can barely get a treadmill.  Today, I had my pick.  I went on one without a T.V.  There's nothing worse than a T.V. an inch from your face when you are struggling to breath and not throw up.  I would rather watch people walk by and stare up at the giant T.V.s that are upfront.

I have!
My plan says to run at a 5k pace.  I have to say, I never saw that part about the 5k pace before.  I thought I was just supposed to run as fast as possible.  I figured out that my GOAL 5k pace is a 9:40, so I would run at a 6.4 mph.  I set the treadmill to interval.  I use to change it by hand, but it's hard to lower the speed when I am almost falling off the treadmill from going to fast.

So, the plan was to run .25 miles at 6.4, and walk for .1 at 3.5 until I was done.  The first three times weren't bad.  I told myself that maybe I should quit, because what else would I tell myself on a treadmill?  The 4th sprint was ok, but I was starting to feel it.  The 5th time I really wanted to quit, but pushed myself through.  The 6th and 7th time I sped up a bit so it would be over faster.  I think that is why I felt like I was going to throw up at the end of each one.

Now it's over and I did it.  That's the great thing about work outs.  They may suck, but in the end...you're at the end.

Exhausted after my work out.  
Afterwards, I finally got over to see Melissa and her posse.  I've been fighting a cold and was scared about infecting her delicate little newborns.

I couldn't believe this crazy chair she had.  It looked like a hovercraft, I swear.

I didn't leave until after ten.  She has no clocks in that house.  I thought it was only about 9!  I don't remember the last time I was out that late when I didn't have to work.

What workout did you do today?

Influenster Sugar 'n Spice Voxbox Review Part 2: Vaseline Spray and Go Total Moisture

Here's the second part of my review of products I received for free from Influenster.

I received:
Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer Total Moisture
Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel Oil Controlling Towelettes
Colate Optic White Regimen: Toothpaste, toothbrush, and mouthwash
belVita Breakfast Biscuits

I reviewed Nectresse  here.  I also reviewed the belVita breakfast biscuits.  I even bought a box of these, I liked them so much.  They are seriously delicious!!

I was sent the Vaseline Spray and Go Moisturizer Total Moisture.  It comes in three different types: the Total Moisture, Aloe Fresh, and Cocoa Radiant.  

I was sent the Total Moisture (the yellow one).  This had excellent timing since I started swimming again.  My skin gets horribly dry afterwards from the chlorine.  This line of lotions is supposed to be, "quick, convenient, continuous-spray lotions. They moisturize deeply and absorb in seconds to leave skin instantly soft, not greasy or sticky."

 I've been using the lotion after my normal shower and after the shower when I'm finished swimming. I usually use a lotion from Bath and Body works. It works initially, but my skin is still dry and I have to reapply a couple of times throughout the day.

 This lotion is a spray. It is supposed to be a convenience, but it does spray all over in addition to getting on your skin. Think, spraying a sunscreen. It goes where it's supposed to, but there's additional floating around getting on the furniture or clothes. The lotion didn't magically absorb. I did have to rub it in just like any other lotion.

 It did leave my skin felling soft, not greasy or sticky. I was happy with how my skin felt. My skin stayed moisturized throughout the day and I didn't get the usual itchy legs at night when I usually have to reapply more lotion to soothe the dryness.

Overall, I really like it. They definitely over promise on the convenience, but it kept my skin moist through all of the things I put it through. If I bought it again, I would try the Aloe one out. The Total Moisture scent was just a basic lotion scent and I would like something a bit more refreshing.

Would you buy a spray lotion?


"I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes, but the opinions are my own."