Sunday, April 14, 2013

Running in the Wind

I had to work at the crack of dawn today.  I'm glad I don't have to do that too often.  Getting up at 4 in the morning is a little rough!

I tried to go to bed at a reasonable time.  I didn't want to be too exhausted for my long run today.  I was probably asleep before 11, so I felt pretty good today.

I met Becky at 3:15.  We had 9 miles on the schedule for today.  It was pretty windy out, but sunny and NOT raining for once even though it snowed this morning.

Weather according to my Garmin.

As we headed out, I could tell the wind was at our backs, pushing us on.  I was dreading the run home, because we would be running into it if we went back the same way.  Thankfully, Becky is smart about that kind of stuff and had a route planned out.

The worst part was when we were headed east towards the Lake.  The wind was icy cold and took our breath away!  I had to put my hood up on my sweatshirt to keep warm.

The rest of the run wasn't bad.  We walked twice.  The first time was at the halfway mark for a potty break.  Somehow I forgot to pause my watch, or I double hit the stop button, because when I thought I hit start and was running, it was stopped.  I noticed when Becky's watch beeped and I glanced down at my watch.  I was only off by about .15, so I decided to just run the extra minute.  I knew it would be all down hill anyway.

The second time we walked was about a mile and a half before the end.  Becky was getting some soreness and so was I.  Walking a minute or so really helped.  It also helped to know we were so close to finishing.

The last half mile we really pushed ahead.  After the last hill climb it is all down hill and so fun to run down!

I was starving by the time we were done.  I had three Clif Shot Blocks on the run, but my stomach started growling around mile 6.  I scarfed down a Greek yogurt as soon as I got in and drank some water.  Then I stretched right away.  I was so tempted to just hop in the shower, but I never stretch enough when I do that.

I was surprised how good I felt and still feel afterwards.  I haven't run that far since December and was a little nervous about it.  Next week is ten miles!  Only a few more weeks until my half! Can't wait for number 5!

Oh, and a side note, you will be relieved to know I am finally washing my Nike sweatshirt that I wear on practically every run.  I figured it's time.  It's probably been a couple of weeks...or emphasis on the "or so".

Happy Running!

Is anyone watching the Boston Marathon tomorrow?  I am going to try and remember to!