Sunday, April 21, 2013

Easy Breezy

Today was my long run.  I'm on week 8 of Hal's Intermediate Half Plan, so my long run today was for 10 miles.  Yeah, I call him Hal.  We're cool like that.

The weather was pretty nice.  Not too windy and not too cold.  And the sun was out off and on.

Becky and I ran a reverse route than what we have done before.  This resulted in having to run up some pretty big hills.

Oh, Ryan
The first hill was right away.  I asked Becky if we could walk.  If Gosling were waiting for me at the top, I probably would have kept going.  Almost to the top we hear someone say, "Why are you guys walking?"  We turn and see Becky's boyfriend driving by.  Too bad we didn't keep running.  We would have looked pretty hard core.

The second hill we had to climb was right by the lake.  Halfway up I asked if we could walk again.  We were still in the first 3 miles and I was being lazy.

10 miles done!

The rest of the run went well. Neither of us were really in a hurry and were able to keep a comfortable pace.  We walked a couple of times to take some shot blocks/GUs.

We didn't start listening to music until about 3 miles left.  We put in our headphones and ran home.  We really sped up at the end and it felt good.

After I got home and took my shoes off, I noticed a really strong pain on the bottom of my foot.  It's on the heel, but right before the arch, so towards the middle.  I remembered that I had noticed it this morning, but didn't think anything about it.  Now, I can barely walk!  I have to hobble around in my slippers.  I have no idea what happened especially since I haven't ran since Thursday.  I'm going to try some ice and hope for the best.

Happy Running!