Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I have successfully tracked for a whole week!  It was hard, especially when I ate like garbage, but it was definitely eye opening.  It has helped me adjust my eating throughout the day to stay on track.

After making it through my first week, I was rewarded with a 3 lb weight loss!  I was really excited about that.  I feel like it always takes me forever to drop the pounds.  That was definitely the motivation I needed to keep going.

Unlike last week, I still have some Points Plus left after 3 days of the new week.  Last week I was out of my weekly points after 1 or 2 days - and way over.  I am finally getting the hang of this again.

My new favorite thing to eat is my version of a Q'doba burrito.

It's made of one giant tortilla, lettuce, rice, black beans, green peppers, mushrooms, salsa, and of course Taco Bell mild sauce.  When I wrapped it up I didn't think I would be able to finish it all, but I gobbled that bad boy down!  It was really good.  I only ate half of what I made, so I have enough to make another burrito wrap tomorrow for lunch.  

I love pretty much anything that involves a tortilla and/or rice.

What is your favorite food right now?

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