Monday, October 1, 2012

Cleaning with a Feeling

I was so tired this morning...maybe it had something to do with not going to bed until 1am.  I was running a bit behind this morning so took my oatmeal to go.  I eat it on the way to work a lot.  It's filling and easy to eat!
I made sure to bring my lunch and snacks though.  I had a hard time this weekend to eat healthy, but I blame it on working too many days in a row.  It gets hard to think of food to bring.  I did really well and didn't go buy any junk food or eat any of the junk food we have in the break room.  

When I got home, I was excited to see that my compression socks had come!  I have read a lot about them and with my marathon training starting soon and a sale going on where I bought them, I figured it was meant to be.  I have been wearing them all day.  I can't tell if they are doing anything since today is a rest day.  They are definitely the most expensive pair of socks I have ever bought!

For supper I had a salad and I made my own dressing.  It was super easy. I just mixed together some red wine vinegar, EVOO, and a half packet of Sweet n Low.  I also put my homemade refrigerator pickles on it.  Those pickles are super good!  I am definitely  making them next year again.  I also had the rest of my soup that I brought for lunch and a banana and pear cut up.

I spent the rest of the night cleaning, doing laundry, dusting and doing the floors.  Tomorrow is my day off and I do not want to spend the whole day cleaning like I usually do. I cleaned out a cabinet I have random things in and found FOUR Gu's!  The receipt was dated April of last year.  That was right around the time I hurt my knee.  I must have bought them for a race and then not needed them anymore.  That was a sweet find though since I have a lot of long runs coming up!
I am going to finish watching Revolution and then heading to bed!  

Have you ever found anything while cleaning?

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