Friday, November 30, 2012

Free For All Friday

Happy Friday!  I thought this day would never end! I wrapped up another 9 day work week and it couldn't have come soon enough!
I have actually stuck to my running plan this week! Shocking, right? I heard you gasp all the way from here.
Walked 3 Miles on Tuesday

6 miles on Wednesday

Thursday 3 miles
I am so physically exhausted.  Running those miles and working about ten hours every day really takes it's toll, especially when I am literally running around the whole time I am there.  I get home and just collapse into bed.

Today, after work Kevin and I got a Papa Murphy's pizza.  We had a coupon for an $8 large pizza.  I really liked it.  They must use fresh oregano or something, because it has a really great taste.  And I really like their crust. Yum!

After supper, we put up the Christmas tree.  This is going to be my only free day until Christmas, so I figured I better get it up.  Last year the tree didn't get up until about a week before, because I was so busy with work and school.  So, this year I get to enjoy the tree for almost a whole month!

Kevin and I watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation while putting the tree up.  It's both of our favorite movie.  I put in White Christmas after that and Kevin disappeared.  It's not really his cup of tea.
Here's the tree all set up.  Eggy loves having it up.  He hides under it and shoots out when I walk by.  And there's ornaments he likes to hit off that we keep on the bottom for him to play with.  

Eggy is waiting for Santa

I'm surprised he let me put this garland around him.  He usually freaks out if I try to do that.  He was pretty exhausted though after playing for about two hours straight.  He is already in bed sleeping on his electric blanket.
Did you put up your tree already?

Have a great weekend!

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