Saturday, November 10, 2012

Water, Water Everywhere...

It's been a busy couple of day.  I've been working a LOT with no day off in sight.  Friday morning, while getting ready for work, I went downstairs to get some clothes and saw that the carpet was soaked!  All I could think of was that the sewer had backed up.  That was happening every couple of years until we found the source, so hadn't happened in a while.  I was expecting the worst.  When I went downstairs all of the way, the water seemed to be coming from the opposite end of the basement that the sewer was on.  Maybe it was a burst pipe?  Nothing was leaking from overhead and I could not figure out where all this water had come from.

I ran upstairs to tell Kevin.  He thought I was joking for a minute.  After I told him I was definitely NOT joking, he came down with me.  He figured out that the water heater must have rusted out of the bottom and leaked out everywhere.

I didn't know what to do.  I asked Kevin if I should call in to work, but he said I should just go and he would clean up and take care of it.

By the time I got home from work he had bought a new water heater, but had to wait until Saturday to put it in so his dad and brother could help him.  It was $350 plus more for new hoses and or pipes to connect it.  Ugh.

We had to turn the water completely off, because there was a leak in the shut off valve.  You never realize how much you use water until it's gone.  Simple things like washing my hands, rinsing a dish, etc.  I had bought two gallon jugs of water and a pack of water in bottles.

This morning I had my long run with Becky.  I had 7 on the schedule, she had 9.  We ended up with 8.3, but that was due to a mapping error.  It was a tough run!  The first mile and a half was physically painful.  My legs were sore, I woke up with a headache, my ankles and calves felt really tight, blah, blah, blah.  After that, I started to feel a bit better.

Not from today, but an overlook of the lake on our run.
It was also unseasonably warm out.  I wore a short sleeve shirt and capris.  I was sweating my butt off by mile 3.  As soon as we got to the lake though, there was a really cold breeze.  We stopped at mile 5 to take a GU and stretch.  We were right on the lake front and BRRRR!  All of my sweat was definitely making it worse.  All I can say is that I expect next week's long run to be awesome!
While I wasn't on a TM, this was me most of my run...poor Becky. Source

My watch also died before we even hit mile one.  At least Becky had hers.  It was funny though, because when hers would beep for the miles I would hit the lap button on my watch and when we would stop at lights I would hit the stop button.  Old habits die hard, I guess!

I'm home from work now after a long night.  I'm going to watch Comedy.TV and go to bed.  And I plan on sleeping late tomorrow since I don't have to work until 1:30.

Have a great rest of the weekend!


  1. Wow. Do you have water yet? If you need to come and take a shower mine is always open.

  2. Thank you! Yeah. We had water late yesterday. I took a shower at my 'rents yesterday after my run since I had to work. It's funny how flushing a toilet becomes a luxery.

  3. I just wrote pretty much the same post last week! I ended up deleting all the stuff about the water heater, but we went through the same issue. There was water all over our laundry room floor, and we discovered it was from the hot water heater. Jerry turned off the water, and it drove me crazy! I didn't realize just how much I use water until I wasn't able to. Thankfully, Jerry fixed it within hours (it was just a pipe, rather than the tank itself).

    1. That's funny - not haha :) I'm glad my parents only live a few minutes away so I was able to shower at least!