Monday, December 17, 2012

Get In Where You Fit In

I didn't bring a lunch to work in hopes that they had something to feed us.  Luckily, I was right.  There was cereal and about a million different types of apple juice.  I tried the cereal Krave.  I had been wondering about it.  It looks good and it's called Krave.  I figured it would be really yummy. It tasted like Captain Crunch stuffed with chocolate.  Not impressed.  I'm glad that I didn't waste money buying it and trying it.  I also drank about a million cups of apple juice.

After work I stopped at my mom's to grab some library books that were due today.  Wouldn't you know it; she had some Christmas cookies.  I only had three four.  And maybe a million Hershey's almond kisses.  And a Jolly Rancher candy cane.

After that, I came home, changed, and went running.  It was a little chillier than I had anticipated.  I always dress too light on the bottom half.  My legs were immediately cold.  I thought I had on running tights that were fleece lined, but I grabbed the wrong pair.  This was true for many reasons.  The pair I grabbed also kept falling down.

If there is one piece of advice I can give new runners it's this: buy pants/shorts/skirts with a drawstring.  If you are running to lose weight, you can wear the stuff forever if you can cinch it at the waist as the pounds disappear.  I've worn the same couple of pairs of capris for three years for this reason.

I obviously did not do this when I bought the pair I threw on today.  I was shoving my undershirt into my pants as I'm running and simultaneously yanking the pants up as far as they would go.  It was a real pain in the ass and I'm sure I had the biggest camel toe imaginable.  They finally started to stay up after about the first mile.  I somehow found a happy medium with them.

The run was cold, but I enjoyed it.  It was dark by the time I got out, but I made sure I took main streets that were well lit.  I also wore my light just in case I got lost in blackness.

 I saw one other girl running.  She was going the other way on the same sidewalk and didn't say hi.  Uh, hello! Can I get at least a nod, a smile, a glance in my direction that there is another runner in the vicinity?  That would be my ultimate pet peeve.  Please acknowledge your fellow runners.  It's the polite thing to do (end rant).

Happy Running!

The run went well and I had a pretty good time for myself.

When I got home and logged everything, I jumped in the shower and pondered what I should eat.  I didn't have much time until I had to leave.  I had some rice and tortillas, so I opened a can of black beans, mixed some with rice, added cumin and chili powder, and threw it on a tortilla with Taco Bell mild sauce. <-- Pretty much a staple that I put on everything on a tortilla...everything.
Does anyone else cook their tortillas on the burner?
Yum. Arroz y frijoles.  
Kev and I went over to our friend Steve's to play Apples to Apples.  It's a fun game if you've never played it.  The 12 year old that was there won the game.  Both times.  What a humbling experience.

Now I am watching the first season of Metalocolypse.  Kevin cannot stop laughing.


  1. I don't know how you can eat like that (so little and not-too-good-for-you) and then run a sub 11 min mile paced run! Wow!