Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Running on Sunshine

I have been watching all kinds of good movies on AMC the past couple of days!  I don't know why they are playing so many great movies, but I am loving it.  Last night I saw Miracle.  It's about the USA Olympic Hockey team in the 1980 Olympics.  They also had on the original Miracle on 34th Street.  Today, when I crawled out of bed at 11, they had on Cool Runnings.  I love any movie with John Candy.  I miss that guy.

After that, I figured I better get started on my 7 mile run.  The temperature had gotten up to about 34 degrees and that was going to be the high.

I knew I would be cold so I wore some fleece lined running tights, running skirt, fleece lined turtle neck, and jacket.  I decided against carrying water, but brought a couple of shot blocks just in case.  I also brought some kleenex, but lost it somewhere before mile one. Grr.
Conversation with Kevin while I was getting ready:
Kevin: What are you doing?
Me: Going to go for a run.
Kevin: It's cold out.
Me: You know I'm a Winter Warrior.
Kevin: Yeah, I know.

I downloaded the app Runkeeper last night to try it out.  I had heard good things about it and wanted to see what I thought.  For some reason I am always looking for new apps and websites to track my runs on.  I'm weird that way.  

I didn't know this, but when I started it up, it announces every 5 minutes the distance and pace.  I'm sure this is something I can edit, but it was nice for the time being.  I also wore my Garmin so I could compare data.
I was going to lap my miles like I always do, but after I missed my first mile I decided to just skip it.  I really wanted to just run like I did on my 13 miler.  Despite the distance and cold, I really enjoyed that run.  So, I decided to just run out half way and then turn around and run back the same way.  Since the Runkeeper was calling out my miles, I wouldn't have to worry about paying attention to the Garmin
I felt really good.  I did glance at my Garmin a few times to compare the miles and pace.  I actually kept making myself slow down a bit.  I had to keep telling myself it's 7 miles, not 3.  Just conserve your energy.  I don't really remember much about the run.  I think I was totally zoned out and just let my body do it's thing.  At 3.6 miles I took a minute to stretch and take a shot block and a picture of the gorgeous sky.

At the turn around I figured out my current pace and was at about an 11:18 minute mile.  I was pretty surprised, but knew I still had a ways to go and always seem to really slow down the last bit.  I told myself now just don't stop until you are almost back home.  And I didn't. 

I did have to stop for a couple of lights, but otherwise I just ran and ran.  I really pushed it the last half mile or so.  Overall it was a really good run.
I didn't even check out my pace or anything at the time.  I just went home, showered (my shirt and jacket were completely soaked with sweat) and stretched.  Once I uploaded my Garmin data, I almost passed out when I saw my average pace.  10:58?!?! What?? I could not believe it.  I have never done that for a long run like this.  Never.  Ever.  I know it's just an 11 mile pace, but to have a 10 in front like that is so cool to me!  It just shows that I am actually getting faster.  

Now I am watching Jumanji.  I have never seen it.  It's pretty good, and Robin Williams is another actor I really like.

Do you run inside or outside in the cold?

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