Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pain in the ... Back

Yesterday's run was rough.  It was about 70, but also about 100% humidity (<-- not an exaggeration, actually reported by the weatherman)!  After these nice 50 degree days, it was a big change.  I was really struggling.  I was also really hot!  I am definitely a cooler weather kind of gal.  Give me a chilly day of 45-50 degree weather any day over the sweltering summer heat.

Today was still warm, but not as humid.  The run went better, until almost mile three.  I just had to stop a minute and walk.  We walked for about two minutes and still had a 12ish minute mile.  We must have really sped up!

I tried out my running skirt yesterday.  It was definitely shorter than I am use to wearing which made me a bit self conscious.  I was also worried about my thighs rubbing together.  While I didn't start a fire with all the thigh friction, I am definitely going to have to wear capris or longer shorts under these (I like how my legs are reflecting the sun light and glowing white).

Today, I didn't feel like I was going to puke until almost mile three instead of through the whole thing.  After the run I made sure to get a really good stretch in.  I pulled something in my lower back yesterday.  I think because I've been really lax with stretching the past couple of days, it was bound to happen, I guess. I felt fine while running.  After walking around and going to stores for a couple of hours, I'm getting a bit sore again.  I'll just have to keep heating, stretching, and taking some ibuprofen and hopefully by Saturday be good to go for my race.

What are your plans for Halloween?

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