Saturday, October 27, 2012

Running is Rad!

Today was my fourth half marathon!!  Woo-woo!  I can't believe I have willingly ran 13.1 miles four separate times.
The race was called the Skeleton Skamper and was a Halloween race, so we got to dress up.  I had to figure out a functional costume that was fun and that I could run in.  I decided on a 90's themed outfit.  Mostly because I wanted to wear a side pony-tail!
I made leg warmers for Becky, Melissa and myself.  Bought a sweatshirt at the thrift store and cut it up, and cut up one of my fluorescent race shirts that I never wear anymore.  And I even found a three pack of scrunchies at Family Dollar!
Skeleton Skamper 2012 Pre-Race
I was really surprised how well the race went.  It was super cold out, but after about half an hour I started to warm up.  Last week's long run totally blew, so I was hoping this would go well like I told myself it would.

Becky and I stayed together.  We ran the entire time, except through water stops. I was really surprised how well I felt most of the race.

The course was a little bit hillier then I thought it would be, though.  There were really long, gradual hills and not always downhills afterwards.  At mile 10 there was a long climb and I almost stopped to walk, but didn't want to bring down Becky mentally or make her think it was o.k. to walk.  So, I kept going and there was a hill to run down on the other side.

Finally mile 12 passed.  It got really windy as we turned.  I kept looking at my watch telling myself, "Only .9 miles, only .8 miles, etc."  With only .2 left to go I started really slowing down.  There was a fierce wind and we were going uphill...again.  Becky was inching ahead and I started walking.  She realized I wasn't next to her and turned and raised her arms like, "What the f@#$ are you doing?"  And motioned to come on!  I chuckled a little at what I just did and started running again.  By then Becky had sprinted off to the finish.  There were a few people at the end cheering and the whole cheerleading section of a local high school cheering me on at the end.  That was pretty cool and actually sped me up a little.

I ended up PR-ing the race by 7 minutes with a 2:40, which was not even on my agenda...mostly.  I just wanted to have a good time, which I did.

It was a pretty small race and most of the racers were done by the time I finished.  I stretched for a few minutes and headed over to get my after race snacks.  I stretched a lot more while eating.
Melissa's awesome pants AND fanny pack!

Leg warmer buddies!
After the race we went to Q'Doba for refueling and then Starbuck's for more refueling.  I don't know what was up with us, but EVERYTHING was funny.  We could not stop cracking up!  I think it was delirium and exhaustion.

After I got home, showered, and changed, I felt myself start to crash.  My head was starting to hurt from the gels I took wearing off and my body was tired and sore.  I took some ibuprofen and laid on the couch watching T.V. most of the afternoon.

Now, I am going to eat well deserved pizza and then going to my neighbor's for a Halloween party.  I don't have a costume, so I am going as a Packer fan by wearing my Packer shirt.  I forgot I had it.  I found it yesterday in my drawer when I was looking for my running tights.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!



  1. You are a great motivator! I had so much fun today!

    1. Me too! The most fun I've had in awhile! I don't remember when I laughed so much!