Sunday, November 4, 2012

And on the Seventh Day...

This past week has been action packed!  After last Saturday's half marathon, I decided to take some time off of running, which was a great decision.  I was tired, I had a busy work schedule, and my mom ended up having to have surgery.

I ended up staying over at my mom's the day she got back from the hospital.  My dad works third shift and I thought someone should be there in case something happened.

Mom is doing a lot better now.  She was pretty mobile right after surgery, which surprised me after a back surgery.  A lot of her pain is alleviated.  The doctor said she was in so much pain, because part of her disk actually broke off and fused to the nerve!  Ouchie!!

I've been taking my mom's dog for a walk about every other day, so I haven't become a total couch potato without running.  She absolutely loves getting outside and hunting through all of the tall grass and under all of the bushes.
With the weather getting colder, I've been making Asia a sweater.  My mom made her a turtle neck sweater last year, but every girl needs more then just one sweater!

I had to custom make it since she is a plus size gal.  I had to redo the bottom, because I had actually made it way too big.  Asia volunteered to help.
 I finally finished the sweater.  I sewed her name on with yarn and added some flowers.  I got the original pattern for free here.

I have gone back to doing the daily crosswords in the newspaper.  I have been doing crosswords since I was in middle school.  There is something so satisfying about filling up all of those squares with the right (or close to right) answers.  I am a little rusty still, but those of you who do these know the clues tend to repeat each other once in a while, so that has helped.  

Today, I went on my first run since the half last Saturday.  I went with my friend Becky who is training for her first marathon!  She only had to do five miles, so nothing I couldn't handle.  We took it pretty slow, walking once every mile, and just enjoying the day and the scenery.  

I decided to have some fun with my outfit, so I wore bright colors.  I also wanted to see what it was like to run in my compression socks.  I felt like my calves were a little sore during the run from the socks, but that could have been from the hills and not running so much for a week.  I'm not sore now though, so maybe they did help.  Who knows.  I think I will have to try them on a really long run to see.

My outfit on my run.  I love my pink compression socks!

My splits.

Hope everyone has a happy Monday!

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