Sunday, November 18, 2012

Running is Fun!

Words I will not say while running.
Since I've already had a post titled, "Running Sucks" I thought this would be a nice change.

I had three alarms set for this morning: 6am, 6:30am, 7am.  I slept through my first two.  I woke up before the 7am one.  Kevin was in the kitchen blasting his music, drinking coffee, and looking for jobs on the computer.  Doesn't he know I have to check my Facebook and Twitter right away?  What if something important happened?!?!

I had my customary cup of coffee and even ate a breakfast of brown sugar oatmeal.  I read through the paper, skipping all of the sale papers.  My first reads are the weddings/engagements and the comics.  Yes, I am 10 years old with my choices.  

I texted Becky telling her I am bringing my ipod and headphones on our run so I don't have to talk to her to to get me through the tough run.  She said she was planning on doing the same.  Great minds think a like.

There was frost covering the ground this morning.  
I took off in my gear; skirt, capri tights, compression socks, light long sleeve shirt, and my water belt with a GU.  My compression socks are too big and I had to fold them over to keep them under my knees.  I think it made the pressure on my calves too intense, because they were pretty sore while running and they are still sore now.  I don't usually have this problem, even on long runs.  Next time I get some compression socks, I am going to get the calf sleeves.  I don't like how the sock part feels on my foot.  I feel like it makes my foot sweatier than normal, since my foot was squishing in my shoe towards the end.  

The last three miles were really tough for me.  I didn't want to complain about the pace, since Becky seemed to be going at a pretty good quip.  It was mostly downhill on the way back too.  So I was a couple of steps behind her, but kept my mouth shut.  My darn calves were just killing me and it just seemed to be really draining all of my energy. And of course we got all of the green lights on the way back so I didn't have a minute for a break.  The last half mile, I really fell behind her, which was fine.  We were almost done and Becky likes to sprint to the end.  Somehow her watch got off with the mileage, because my time was a few seconds faster then hers and she was a good tenth mile ahead of me at the end.  
Yup, it's sideways.
My goal was to finish right around two hours, which we did.  It was a nice change after the few tough long runs we've been having.  I think the different route helped the time go faster.
Garmin splits

After entering my workouts in all of my websites, I took a nice HOT shower.  I get so cold after runs.  I realized I hadn't eaten yet after my run.  I was pretty wiped.  I had some of my Potato Kale Dish that I made yesterday.  Find the recipe here.  

I talked to my mom for a bit and read some blogs, watched some Christmas movies on T.V.  I ended up dosing off until about 5:30pm.  I woke up starving!  I had 5 pieces of bread, each with a piece of cheese <---that is a true story.  Two of my favorite things, cheese and bread.  I also ate the last pickle from the jar my mom made.  Oh, and a bowl of Fruity Pebbles and almond milk.  I think I'm good now.

*Things I had to Google while writing this - the difference between colons and semi colons.

What is your favorite post run pig-out food?

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