Friday, March 1, 2013

March 1, Success!

Today, after enjoying a delicious cup of coffee and a quick breakfast, Kevin and I went to the gym.  I was feeling very energized and ready to conquer this workout!  I ran two miles in 21:36, with splits 11:03, 10:33 on the random setting.


We got Jimmy John's for lunch.  I got my usual Vegetarian, with no mayo, add sauce.  Today I got no tomatoes too.  Yesterday, I had tomatoes on my taco I made, and BAM!  Horrible heartburn, so today I wanted to play it safe.

I have to close at work all weekend, so I needed to pack a lunch for tonight.  I brought baked potato and kale soup, an orange, and water.  I knew this wasn't going to be enough when my stomach started growling as soon as I got to work.  On my lunch, I ended up getting a bag of cheeze-its and a grape juice that tasted like a grape popsicle (not a good thing).

I bought these tiny little notebooks and a pack of colored pens so Kevin and I can track our foods through the day.  I like these, because it is way easier to transport in my purse.  It's always fun to get new things and use them for awhile.

Tracking in my new notebook.

On a random note, I can never successfully paint my nails.  I do not have the patience to wait until they are fully dry to do things.  It's like as soon as I paint them, I think of about a million things I need to do.  I painted them a pretty lilac color.  It seems very springy and Eastery.  Here's a picture before I wrecked them.

I better get to bed! I have to get up to run tomorrow!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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