Friday, March 1, 2013

March Goals

Half of February went really well, and the other half not so much.  I really lost focus.  I started eating a lot of junk food and skipping workouts.  That resulted in me gaining back the two pounds I had lost the first two weeks of the month, leaving February as a zero pounds lost month. Whomp, whomp.

I did, however, stick with no caffeine.  It was really hard and I was tired ALL THE TIME! So, today, on March 1, I had a delicious cup of coffee and I am buzzed with energy!

I told my coffee how much I loved it and that I would never abandon it again.  

On the positive side, I am still down the 5 pounds from January and today is the start of a new month.  I love new beginnings!  It's a chance to start over from scratch.  So my monthly goals are not too different from usual.

1. Lose 4 pounds.
Hopefully I can bounce back from last month and learn from my mistakes.  Laziness got the better of me which resulted in bad food choices and little amounts of exercise. Bring on March! I'm bringing it in like a lion!


2. No Soda, Only 1 Cup of Coffee Per Day
I had no problem not having soda, but no coffee really kicked my butt.  I never got over my constant fatigue no matter how much green tea I drank!  I can feel good about just one cup of coffee a day.


3. SBR! 
I will start with the swimming and biking again.  I know I already said I would start it, but I haven't.  So, this time I mean it!  My goal is to swim twice a week, bike twice a week, and run 3-4 times a week with one of those runs being a long run.


4. Track all of my food!
This is something I really fell off of doing as well.  I was tracking my food using Weight Watchers Points Plus and having a lot of success.  I stopped and so did the weight loss.
I have also been getting my heart burn more frequently, resulting from binge eating of junk foods (also a reason I wasn't tracking).  I need to accept the fact that I am getting older and need to eat healthy so I don't have all these problems!  Diet directly effects every other aspect of my life!

I hope March is a great month for everyone!

What are your March goals?

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