Monday, April 22, 2013

Yeah, I'm Famous

I've mentioned that I read books by Joanne Fluke.  They are murder mysteries and the main character owns a cookie shop.  The books are filled with recipes.  They aren't just cookie recipes, but also main meals, breads, cakes, etc.  I've made several different ones and they have all been excellent.

If readers make a recipe, they can submit a photo of it along with where or why they made that certain recipe and they will put the picture up on their website.

I had submitted my Butterscotch Bonanza Bars recipe.  I just got an email from the webmaster that my picture is up!  I was so excited!  Maybe, too excited.  I'm a dork that way.

The pictures of the recipes are here.  The picture I submitted was this one.

So if you want my autograph, I will totally understand!

Happy Monday!

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