Sunday, December 30, 2012

Don't Be Blue About 32!

That's right.  I like to rhyme stuff.

Today is my birthday!  Turning 32 really wasn't that bad.  I feel like 31 was really hard.  I was pretty sad about leaving my 20's and 31 was harder than 30.  Thirty-two has gone well.  I've gotten to spend the whole day with friends and family!

Laura came over at about 10am to exchange Christmas and birthday presents.  She got me an awesome Contigo cup like the one I had and loved!  She also got me a pair of ProCompression calf sleeves in hot pink!  They are just what I've been wanting!  I had bought the socks before and they were way too big, so I never wore them.  I knew that if I ever got another pair I would want to just get the sleeves, so I can't wait to try them!

I went to my parents at about 1pm for cake and presents.  My mom got me a faux fur throw that is so insanely soft.  I'm surprised my cat hasn't claimed it yet.  As soon as I wrote that he jumped on it and started purring.  My dad also got me a unique present.  It's called a Pot Maker.  Imagine my confusion when I opened the box and saw this.
I was like, my dad wants me to grow pot? Lol.  But then I understood it.  You make biodegradable seed starters.  It's a really cool idea.  He found it online somewhere.

I had a low key Saturday night.  Kev and I watched For the Greater Glory: The True Story of Christiada.  It was a slow beginning, but it got better.

I also made an iPhone cozy.  I found the pattern here after searching on Pinterest.  I was going to make the owl that was shown, but I may be too old for that now.  I just followed the pattern for the body and top flap, found an old button to sew on, and POW, I got me an iPhone cozy!

 I really like crocheting small things instead of giant afghans.  I feel more accomplished since I can finish them faster.

Have you started thinking about your New Year's Resolutions?


  1. The owl is PRECIOUS! Too old my ass. I'm going to be 33 in May, I'd use the hell outta that owl. I may be growing older but I'm never growing up. OWLS FOR ALL!

    Happy Birthday! :D

  2. Lol! Thank you! Maybe I will finish it someday.